03 Apr 2018

Disappearing Video

It truly is amazing how much video has changed in the last few decades. When I was a kid my parents had a VHS camcorder. It was brought out for special occasions like birthdays and vacations so we could have access to those memories for the rest of our lives, even though at the time we had no idea we’d someday need to transfer those tapes to digital files in order to see them on our computers and phones. While the technology for shooting video and playing it back has advanced in a way that has felt like a very logical progression to me, what has been a big surprise is how younger generations typically view their videos as disposable. I’ve spent 15 years carefully backing up all footage I shoot for clients or of my family at home, but users of Snapchat, Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories often share a story that exists for 24 hours and is never seen again. Sure, you can push an extra button to save that video to the hard drive on your phone but most people never do.

With hard drives for backing up footage becoming cheaper and free access to unlimited cloud storage using services like Google Photos it’s a no brainer to save everything you shoot. If something unexpected happens and a friend, family member, or even a pet is no longer in your life wouldn’t you want access to every video clip you shot of them? Sadly those who use methods of sharing video on social media for only 24 hours (and don’t save the video) won’t have that ability.

So, do yourself a favor and save everything! It may take a couple extra steps but in 40 years you might dust off a hard drive (or access a cloud-based storage tool you haven’t visited in a while) and find a gold mine of memories!


Mike Pasky

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