09 Mar 2018

The Importance of Good Audio

Recording good audio can be a drag. It’s true. Whereas it can be very fun to take the time to adjust, filter and find other ways to manipulate audio in post, you only have one chance to get it right at the video shoot, and there are a lot of things that can make that difficult. Like a lot of cinematographers I have a passion for capturing beautiful shots, not unplugging refrigerators and asking if the maintenance department can turn off the central air. Even worse, it’s never fun to tell people standing just outside the room we’re filming in to shut up! However, as crews have gotten smaller over the years those things are becoming my job more and more.

Audio is a lot like the art of makeup. It’s typically best when you don’t notice or think about it at all. However, when audio levels are bad, there are distracting noises in the background, it’s distorted, or perhaps worst of all it was recorded with the camera’s built-in mic it can be very distracting and totally ruin the impact of what would have been a great video.

As the video production industry has evolved it’s clear that smaller organizations have sometimes decided to save money by having a non-professional produce their videos. There are a lot of conversations that could be explored about this but let’s stick with the subject matter of audio. Quite simply: every time I’ve seen an amateur video shot with an iPhone or SLR and there was no professional audio equipment or personnel involved, it was obvious and distracting right away. Although there are many reasons that hiring professionals is the right thing to do if you want your video to be engaging and make your company look professional, audio is one of the most obvious to all viewers.

Going back to my original statement: Recording good audio can be a drag. But hey, that’s what professionals are for. I may not always enjoy doing what’s necessary to make sure that audio is clear and will sound great in the editing suite, but it’s my job and like going for a run it feels great once I’m done at the video shoot and have accomplished what I needed to. On the flipside it can be hard to sleep after shooting an interview with an important executive that wasn’t recorded professionally, because quite frankly it will make them sound (and potentially look) unprofessional once the video is released. Media Moiré has everything you’ll ever need to capture great audio, so reach out if you ever want to chat, or complain, about it!


(Written by Mike Pasky)

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